Observation: Learn How to Untangle the CMS Web of Complexity - Essential 4-Part Series ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Non-Operating Room Procedures: 11-Part Series
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From a simple (inpatient) admission to the complex stratification of patient status, that today characterizes the intricate web of observation, you will learn how to differentiate, capture and communicate inpatient versus outpatient care.

Many hospitals have not begun the enormous work it will take to successfully report a multitude of non-operating room procedures under the ICD-10 coding system. Of particular concern: ICD-10-PCS, the new procedural coding system that's vastly different from ICD-9-CM. To help you expedite the process, ICD10monitor presents the first session of our on-demand ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Non-Operating Room Procedures: 11-Part Series. Each session will shine a laser-focused light on critical ICD-10-PCS codes and the documentation requirements for specific services including many procedures performed outside the operating room.

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