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2017 ICD-10-CM Compact Coders

Choose between 22 different specialties!

The most cost-effective and fastest way to meet your ICD-10 coding needs customized for your specialty are DecisionHealth's 2017 ICD-10-CM Compact Coders. Spot the top reported ICD-10 codes for your specialty in an instant with these expert reference cards, complete with the most common ICD-10 codes you need to get to the right code faster.

Price: $28.95
2017 ICD-10-CM Compact Coder Full Set

Each specialty ICD-10-CM Compact Coder is a double-sided, folded sheet listing four pages of the top reported ICD-10-CM diagnoses codes for each specialty. With shortened descriptions and instructional notes, these are perfect for quick reference.

Price: $486.00
Peripheral & Cardiology Coding Charts

Anatomical cardiology charts guiding you to the right codes and charges.

With 38 color-coded anatomical cardiology charts, you will quickly get to the right codes and charges with at-a-glance crosswalks, current CPT® codes, deleted Category III codes, and more.

Price: $150.00
Interventional Radiology Coding Charts

Anatomical interventional radiology charts guiding you to the right codes and charges.

With 55 color-coded and laminated anatomical interventional radiology charts, you will quickly and accurately get to the right codes for complex procedures.

Price: $172.00
2018 Peripheral & Cardiology Coding Charts

Jump-start your coding accuracy and output

Our proven set of color-coded charts can give a big boost to the accuracy of your peripheral and cardiology coding, while saving you time. How? By clarifying physician intent and providing an at-a-glance visual pathway to the correct codes and charges.

Price: $165.00
2018 Interventional Radiology Coding Charts

The 'secret' to faster, more precise IR coding

Improving the accuracy of your interventional radiology coding could be as easy as putting these at-a-glance charts in the hands of your coders. Each chart displays the high-quality anatomical images and corresponding information to support quick and precise IR coding.

Price: $189.00