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Risk Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology Coding & Documentation: A 3-Part Series Risk Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology Coding & Documentation Part I: Test Orders & Diagnosis Coding Risk Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology Coding & Documentation Part II: Ultrasound & Duplex Coding
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How would your facility cope if one-third of your revenue stream came to a screeching halt and this shortfall lasted for six months? Even worse, what if it took you more than a year and thousands of dollars to recover your money?

Tuesday, August 11

Safeguarding your radiology revenue stream starts with strict adherence to CMS requirements for diagnostic test orders, diagnosis coding and medical necessity.

Tuesday, August 18

Ultrasound and duplex studies constitute an inordinate number of overpayments due to the lack of complete documentation.

ICD-10-CM for Radiology: Pathways to Correct Code Selection Risk Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology Coding & Documentation Part III: Breast Imaging & Interventions 2015 Gastrointestinal Chart
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Many clinical issues in radiology such as current cancer vs. history of cancer, injury vs. trauma and aftercare vs. follow-up are difficult to distinguish under ICD-10-CM coding guidelines.

Tuesday, August 25

With change comes risk. Nowhere is this more true than with the numerous recent changes to coding for breast imaging and interventions. In many instances, documentation practices simply have not kept pace with the changes to coding.

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Whether your facility is large or small, chances are that you've encountered confusion and questions related to coding for gastrointestinal procedures performed in the interventional radiology setting.