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The Joy of Coding: Finding Happiness and Satisfaction as Unsung Heroes of Healthcare
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A mental health wellness webcast for coders and their managers, directors and supervisors that could improve morale, productivity and self-esteem The Joy of Coding: Finding Happiness and Satisfaction as Unsung Heroes of Healthcare. Its a win-win for the whole coding team.

The Joy of Coding Session II: Addressing the Obstacles of Coding
Price: $59.00

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In this segment, Dr. Moffic will discuss how the obstacles of being a coder can detract from job satisfaction, including a special focus on ethical dilemmas. Not overcoming these obstacles can result in both medical and psychiatric illnesses.

The Joy of Coding Session III: Achieving Individual Growth in Coding
Price: $59.00

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Using personal examples from coders, Dr. Moffic will discuss the unique job satisfaction and value that coding can bring to coders and their healthcare organizations. The joys of coding can beand should bea connection to the authentic self of the coder.

The Joy of Coding Session IV: Preparing for the New in Coding
Price: $59.00

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In this, the final session, Dr. Moffic will explain that doing more in less time is not the solution. Doing the right amount of the right work in the right amount of time, with the right amount of time off to replenish, can be the solution. We will project how coders can take advantage of these new opportunities.

ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mappers Set
Price: $723.75
Sale Price: $486.24
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The 2015 specialty ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM diagnostic code mappers offer accessible, specialty-specific guidance for the ICD-10 transition. Each 2015 mapper features four full pages containing the top reported ICD-9-CM diagnoses codes, mapping them to ICD-10-CM codes for your specialty.