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2017 Radiology Coding Update
Price: $299.00

For anyone involved with radiology coding, take note: History is repeating itself in 2017. Expect significant and sweeping changes affecting both diagnostic imaging and transcatheter therapy services.

2017 Nuclear Medicine Reimbursement & Compliance Review
Price: $240.00

Expect clear, uncomplicated explanations of coding, billing and medical necessity changes, Medicare payment policies, as well as case examples based on actual physician documentation.

Reduce Your Risks in Nuclear Medicine Coding & Documentation
Price: $229.00

Audits by our consultants, coupled with questions from our customers, have revealed significant issues with nuclear medicine coding and documentation issues that can lead to incorrect payment and the potential for action by external auditors.

Radiology ICD-10-CM Coding: Confronting Big Changes and Challenges
Price: $229.00

Starting October 1, 2016, diagnosis coding for radiology gets exceedingly more complicated, thanks to the arrival of nearly 2,000 new ICD-10-CM codes, as well as hundreds of deleted and revised codes all applicable to radiology.

Reduce Your Risks in Radiology Coding, Billing & Documentation: A 3-Part Series
Price: $448.00
Save $149.00!

Learn how to avoid real-world, high-risk practices

No radiology provider looks forward to hearing these words, "We've completed our audit and have identified several high-risk areas that could land you in trouble with government agencies and payers."

Reduce Your Risks in Radiology: Deficient Coding, Modifier Usage & Documentation
Price: $199.00

Inappropriate coding and missing documentation can seriously hamper the ability to support medical necessity for radiology services. Then there are those pesky modifiers.

Reduce Your Risks in Radiology: Physician Order & Documentation Practices
Price: $199.00

Financial pressures are pushing radiology practices and departments to uncover and seize new revenue opportunities. Why, then, are so many radiology providers working harder, but not reaping the financial rewards for their extra effort?

Reduce Your Risks in Radiology: Diagnostic Thoracolumbar Procedures
Price: $199.00

For 2016 a large number of the radiology-specific CPT® code changes 10 new codes, to be exact apply to diagnostic radiology procedures of the hips, pelvis and spine.

Nuclear Cardiology: Coding, Billing & Coverage Essentials
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

From our conversations with customers, this question has come through loudly and clearly: "How can we prevent claim denials for nuclear cardiology procedures?" The fact is, Medicare and other payers are denying more nuclear cardiology claims than ever.

Advanced Neurointerventional Radiology Coding Workshop
Price: $260.00

In this highly interactive webcast, featuring live video streaming, polls and surveys, you'll tackle actual clinical cases, helping you master your toughest neurointerventional radiology CPT® and ICD-10-CM/PCS coding challenges.