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2016 Multimedia Laboratory Coding Suite
Price: $903.00

Comprehensive how-to support for a year of big change

Don't attempt to take on laboratory coding in 2016 without the most reliable, most complete set of how-to resources at your fingertips!

2016 ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mappers - Complete Set
Sale Price: $486.24
Save $237.51!

With 25 different specialties, the ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM diagnostic code mappers set offers a quick-reference guide for every specialty coder in your organization! Each specialty diagnostic coder has four full pages containing the top reported ICD-9-CM diagnoses codes, mapping them to ICD-10-CM codes for each specialty.

Laboratory NCD Policy & ICD-10 Coding: 2-Part Combo
Sale Price: $222.00
Save $25.00!

A convenient solution to two of your biggest challenges

You'll welcome the two resources we've bundled into this combo. How do we know that? Because they're designed to help you conquer two of the biggest challenges faced by clinical laboratories today.

2015 Laboratory Readiness: 2-Part Combo
Sale Price: $307.00
Save $54.00!

Laboratory coding essentials for 2015

Be prepared for nearly 200 coding changes in the upcoming year with this essential laboratory coding and compliance set. Including our popular laboratory coding book and highly informative webcast, this useful combo package is sure to prepare you for any challenges that lie ahead in 2015.