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2016 Emergency Department & Basics of Observation Combo
Sale Price: $235.00
Save $41.00!

Confront the biggest threats to your ED revenue and compliance

Patients who come through your emergency department doors represent many variables that have a huge impact on your hospital's bottom line, as well as your regulatory compliance.

2016 Laboratory Coding Update
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

Your staff need to understand and know how to apply 89 laboratory code changes, effective January 1, 2016, as well as many other updates to coding, billing and reimbursements.

2016 Radiology Coding Update
Price: $235.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

When there's major upheaval in radiology coding as is the case for 2016 the demand for Jeff Majchrzak, BA, CIRCC, RCC, is ratcheted up several notches. Why? Because he's one of the nation's top radiology coding experts. The proof is seen in the huge popularity of this annual webcast.

2016 Nuclear Medicine Reimbursement & Compliance Update
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

For 2016, nuclear medicine will experience coding changes in a discrete code set. While changes may not rival those in areas such as IR, don't miss this highly anticipated opportunity to get the latest, most reliable information and guidance and ensure that you're getting paid correctly for your nuclear medicine services.

Hospital Outpatient Infusion Services: 2016 Reimbursement & Compliance Update
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

What can go wrong in coding and billing for outpatient infusion and injection services? Plenty. For evidence, consider that hospitals routinely overcharge Medicare in some cases tens of thousands of dollars, according to OIG audits. Adding to the challenge of getting it right, you'll need to understand and comply with updated ICD-10 documentation requirements in 2016. You can take a big step to reduce your risks by joining us for this essential webcast.

2016 Cardiology Reimbursement & Compliance Update
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

Every year brings new wrinkles to cardiology coding, billing and reimbursement, and 2016 is no exception. The good news: Our cardiology coding expert will help you navigate through all the changes, equipping you to your safeguard your revenues and regulatory compliance.

2016 Respiratory Therapy Reimbursement & Compliance Update
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

Discover what many of your peers have already realized: This annual webcast takes a lot of the anxiety and guesswork out of preparing for a new year. You'll get comprehensive guidance with key respiratory therapy changes for 2016, how you may be affected and the steps you should take to protect your bottom line.

2016 Pharmacy Drug Coding and Billing Strategies
Price: $209.00

Now Available on CD & On-Demand

For 2016, resolve to eliminate the coding and billing mistakes that routinely sabotage pharmacy revenues and compliance. You can do it, and we can help. Start by registering for our webcast it's always a big hit.

DrugCodeLookUp.com - Annual Subscription
Price: $995.00

Your #1 resource for all of your coding, pricing and billing needs...all in one place!

Save both time AND money while maintaining strict regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. With DrugCodeLookUp.com all of the information you need is right at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format perfect for anyone involved with compliance, revenue cycle or day-to-day pharmacy operations. Put this unique system to work for you today!

2016 ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mappers - Complete Set
Sale Price: $486.24
Save $237.51!

With 25 different specialties, the ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM diagnostic code mappers set offers a quick-reference guide for every specialty coder in your organization! Each specialty diagnostic coder has four full pages containing the top reported ICD-9-CM diagnoses codes, mapping them to ICD-10-CM codes for each specialty.