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Thursday, December 8

This essential webcast will provide solutions to the coding and documentation issues that create a high risk of noncompliant billing, as well as the potential for auditor action.

New and improved our most comprehensive resource ever!

Healthcare providers of all types are experiencing major issues with the coding and documentation of infusion and injection therapy services, according to our consulting experts. The threats to payments and compliance have never been greater which prompted us to develop this comprehensive how-to resource.

A timesaving, easy-to-understand guide to the essentials

In this nursing handbook, you'll find basic guidance with the AMA's complex coding hierarchy, as well as a summary of documentation requirements to support billing for hydration, drug therapy and chemotherapy services.

Reduce your risks by learning from actual cases and document images

Infusion and injection services come with an inherently high risk of documentation omissions and errors, miscoding and incorrect charges. You can substantially reduce these risks by learning from the experiences and mistakes of others.

Becoming proficient in coding and documenting infusion/injection services is a huge accomplishment. But it's not enough. Just ahead are many challenges.

Mastering the coding and documentation of outpatient infusion and injection services has never been more crucial than it is right now. Thanks to widespread overcharging, the OIG and auditors are hyper-sensitive to any misstep and ready to take action.

The definitive how-to resource for all care settings

Through our audits and conversations with customers, it's become abundantly clear that healthcare providers of all types are experiencing major issues with the coding and documentation of infusion and injection therapy services.

Once you've mastered the basics of coding and documentation for infusion/injection services, you're ready to take your skills to a higher level bringing more certainty to your code assignments, modifier usage and documentation abilities.

Whether you're new to infusion/injection coding and documentation or simply want a basic refresher, you'll appreciate the concise, straightforward content of this session.

2016 Outpatient Infusion Coding Suite
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A direct, time-saving pathway to the correct CPT® codes

By customer request, MedLearn Publishing has designed a quick-reference handbook that addresses coding for outpatient infusion services.

Say "goodbye" to the coding confusion

Put an end to the coding confusion order the updated 2016 Coding Essentials for Hospital Infusion Services. Unique to healthcare, this book walks you through the practical application of AMA and CMS guidelines for coding and documenting infusion and injection services

A trio of clear and dependable resources

When it comes to coding and documenting outpatient infusion and injection services, you can never have too much clearly presented, reliable instruction.

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