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2016 Nurse's Guide to Infusion Coding and Documentation 2016 Coding Essentials for Hospital Infusion Services 2016 Infusion & Injections Coding and Documentation Case Studies
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A direct, time-saving pathway to the correct CPT® codes

By customer request, MedLearn Publishing has designed a quick-reference handbook tailored to the needs of nurses that addresses coding for outpatient infusion services. It just might be a nurse's best friend.

Enhance your infusion and injection coding

The newly revised 2016 Coding Essentials for Infusion & Injection Services provides application of AMA and CMS coding and documentation guidelines. It's the premier resource for infusion and injection services.

A visually compelling resource for protecting your revenue and avoiding risk

In a perfect world, you learn from the mistakes of others before you make the same mistakes yourself. Nowhere is this more crucial than with infusions and injections, which come with an inherently high risk of documentation omissions and errors, miscoding and incorrect charges.

Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Take Your Skills to a Higher Level Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation 4-Part Series: From Awareness to Action Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Back to the Basics
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Most hospitals assume that the Medicare claims they submit for outpatient infusion and injection services are accurate. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) and contracted auditors might think otherwise.

Hospitals routinely overcharge Medicare for outpatient infusion and injection services in some cases totaling tens of thousands of dollars, according to OIG audits conducted between 2009 and 2012. Medicare-sanctioned auditors have taken notice and are escalating their probes into claims for infusion and injection services.

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Would an audit reveal significant problems with your hospital's coding, billing and documentation for outpatient infusion services? It may be time to get back to the basics!