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R081513   "Outpatient Therapy Risks: The Temperature is Rising" brought to you by ReDoc, The Rehab Documentation Company
ERBMAS312   2012 Radiology Coding Mechanics Online Quiz
AABIR13   2013 Abdominal Interventional Radiology Coding
ACDT13   2013 Cardiology Coding: Coding for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Electrophysiology
ACDP13   2013 Cardiology Coding: Coding for Diagnostic Peripheral Studies
ACPI13   2013 Cardiology Coding: Coding for Therapeutic Peripheral Studies
APPT13   2013 Drug Pricing Trends and Pitfalls
AGBIR13   2013 GI/Biliary Interventional Radiology Coding
ALEIR13   2013 Lower Extremity Interventional Radiology Coding
APMIR13   2013 Pain Management Interventional Radiology Coding
ERBMAS213   2013 Radiology Coding Certification Online Practice Exam
AUEIR13   2013 Upper Extremity Interventional Radiology Coding
AVSIR13   2013 Venous Studies Interventional Radiology Coding
ACARD14   2014 Cardiology Reimbursement & Compliance Update
ALAB14   2014 Laboratory Coding Update
AIR2PT14   2014 Nonvascular & Vascular IR Coding: a 2-Part Webcast Series
ANUC14   2014 Nuclear Medicine Reimbursement & Compliance Update
APHM14   2014 Pharmacy Drug Coding and Billing Strategies
ARAD14   2014 Radiology Coding Update
ART14   2014 Respiratory Therapy Reimbursement & Compliance Update
AABIR14   Abdominal Interventional Radiology Coding
IPAAPI14   Advanced Anatomy and Physiology for ICD-10-CM/PCS
R060613   Appealing RAC Denials and Short Stays
APIS13   Avoiding Risk, Preventing Denials: Pharmacy and Infusion Services
ABIR14   Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding
I081413   Best Practices for CDIP Monitoring and Reporting
AIOB13   Billing Best Practices: Injections & Infusions for OB/GYN Observation Patients
PMAM14   Breast and Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide
ABIP13   Breast Imaging & Procedures: Clear Up Your Coding & Billing Questions
PCRM14   Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder
COM1414   Cardiology Readiness: 2-Part Combo
COM1514   Cardiology Readiness: 3-Part Combo
ADPIR14   Catheter-based Drainage Interventional Radiology Coding
PCCT   CCI Tools on CD-ROM
I050813   CDIP for ICD-10-CM: Laying the Groundwork
ICDI4PT13   CDIP Training & Education for ICD-10: Special 4-Part Series
PCIRCC14   CIRCC Study Guide
PINF14   Coding Essentials for Hospital Infusion Services
PCEL14   Coding Essentials for Laboratories
PRT14   Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function
PSLP14   Coding Essentials for Sleep Studies
COM1814   Coding for Breast Interventions & Other IR Procedures: 2-Part Combo
COM1914   Coding for Breast Interventions & Other IR Procedures: 3-Part Combo
ACIC14   Coding for Coronary Interventions: Conquering the Questions & Confusion
PCT14   CT/MR Coder
PCPC14   Diagnostic Cardiology and Pulmonary Coding Guide
ARCD14   Diagnostic Radiology Coding & Documentation: Curing What Ails You
AUAM14   Diagnostic Ultrasound: Avoiding Costly Documentation & Coding Mistakes
PERC14   Emergency Department Charging and Coding Handbook
ARFL13   Fluoroscopy Services: Reduce Your Coding & Billing Risks
AGUIR14   Genitourinary Interventional Radiology Coding
PERAC   Getting It Right Upfront: Inpatient Documentation & Coding
AGBIR14   GI/Biliary Interventional Radiology Coding
AHNIR14   Head and Neck Interventional Radiology Coding
R050913   HIPAA Compliance: Hospital Strategies for Meeting Tough New Requirements
COM1014   Hospital Outpatient Infusion Services Readiness: 2-Part Combo
AINF14   Hospital Outpatient Infusion Services: 2014 Reimbursement & Compliance Update
ARTA14   ICD-10 Coding & Documentation: Take Action Now for Your Radiology Services
I111313   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Behavioral Health
I082813   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Cardiodiagnostics, Cardiac Rehab & Electrophysiology
I091113   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Diagnostic Radiology
I100213   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Interventional Radiology
I110613   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Medication Management, Pharmacotherapy & Detoxification
I091813   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Neurology & Neurodiagnostics
I092513   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Oncology
I102313   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Radiation Therapy & Nuclear Medicine
I101613   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Respiratory Services & Pulmonary Rehab
I090413   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Transfusion, Perfusion & Infusion Services
I100913   ICD-10-PCS Solutions for Wound Care
PEI10   ICD-10-PCS Solutions: From Registration to Reimbursement
ECCMAP14   ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mapper - PDF
ECCMALL14   ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic Code Mappers Set
AIED13   Infusions & Injections in the ED: From Quality Documentation to Accurate Coding
SMPLS14   Intensive Interventional Radiology Coding Seminar - Minneapolis
PESI   Interventional Radiology Case Studies
PSI14   Interventional Radiology Coder
CHTR14   Interventional Radiology Coding Charts
COM414   Interventional Radiology Coding Combo
AIRSET14   Interventional Radiology Coding Series
PLCM   Laboratory Compliance Manager
CNCDF   Laboratory Decision Charts
COM714   Laboratory Readiness: 2-Part Combo
COM814   Laboratory Readiness: 3-Part Combo
ALEIR14   Lower Extremity Interventional Radiology Coding
R072513   Medical Necessity & More: Issues the RACs Are Targeting in Physician Practices
PAPCRT14   Medicare Payment Guide for RT/Cardiopulmonary Services
EMLDC1 (Single User)
EMLDC4 - Medi-Cal X codes module
I080713   Nine Will Get You Ten: Preparing for ICD-10 While Living in an I-9 World
AIR114   Nonvascular IR Coding: Invasive Breast Procedures, Percutaneous Drainage & More
PNUC14   Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder
COM1114   Nuclear Medicine & PET Readiness: 2-Part Combo
PNGI14   Nurse's Guide to Infusion Coding and Documentation
AODM13   Observation Services: Documentation & Medical Necessity Essentials
AINF2PT14   Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation from A to Z: a 2-Part Series
AIBB14   Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Back to the Basics
AIHL14   Outpatient Infusion Coding & Documentation: Take Your Skills to a Higher Level
APMIR14   Pain Management Interventional Radiology Coding
PEPPCC   Peripheral & Cardiology Case Studies
PPCC14   Peripheral & Cardiology Coder
CHTC14   Peripheral & Cardiology Coding Charts
PPCM   Pharmacy Compliance Manager
COM514   Pharmacy Readiness: 2-Part Combo
COM614   Pharmacy Readiness: 3-Part Combo
I072413   Preparing Your Physicians for Stepped-Up Documentation Requirements Under ICD-10
ASLP13   Protect Sleep Study Payments Against Denials and Auditor Action
ARO2PT13   Radiation Oncology Medical Necessity & Auditing: A 2-Part Webcast Series
AROM13   Radiation Oncology: Medical Necessity & Supporting the Services You Bill
AROS13   Radiation Oncology: Solidify Your Reimbursement Through an Appropriate Audit Process
RADSTE14   Radiology Coding Suites
PRCM   Radiology Compliance Manager
COM1214   Radiology Readiness: 2-Part Combo
COM1314   Radiology Readiness: 3-Part Combo
ERBMA14   RBMA Online Read-and-Test Series
IREADY10   Ready10: Online ICD-10 Implementation Software
R010914   Recovery Auditors Hammer DMEs: Avoid Being Hit
PERAA   Regulatory Assurance Advisor
PNEW   Reimbursement Management Update
COM914   Respiratory Therapy/Pulmonary Function Readiness: 2-Part Combo
PPEP14   Revenue Capture Guide for the Pharmacy
ARRISK3PT13   Risk Reduction in Radiology Coding, Billing & Documentation: A 3-Part Webcast Series
ARBP113   Risk Reduction in Radiology Coding, Billing & Documentation: Session #1
ARBP213   Risk Reduction in Radiology Coding, Billing & Documentation: Session #2
ARBP313   Risk Reduction in Radiology Coding, Billing & Documentation: Session #3
COM114   RT/Pulmonary Function Coding & Billing Suite
ALSU14   State of the Union: 2014 Lab OPPS Claims Processing, Financial Impacts & More
R040214   State of the Union: 2014 Pharmacy Audit Issues, Service Packaging, Revenue Capture, Cost Threshold & More
ARTSU14   State of the Union: 2014 RT/PFT Service Packaging, Payment Changes, Audit Issues & More
PSTG14   Study Guide for the Radiology Coding Certification Exam
R052813   Transfusion Confusion: How to Avoid Being a RAC Target
PULT14   Ultrasound Coder
I061213   Understanding the Financial Impact of ICD-10 on Key Specialties
AUEIR14   Upper Extremity Interventional Radiology Coding
AIR214   Vascular IR Coding: Transcatheter Stenting, Embolization, FEVAR & More
AVSIR14   Venous Studies Interventional Radiology Coding
ICD11PT13   Webcast Wednesdays, Featuring ICD-10-PCS Solutions with Lolita M. Jones: Special 11-Part Series
I060513   What Your CDS's Should Know as ICD-10 Implementation Gets Closer
R080813   When and How to Re-bill Part B When Part A is Unbillable or Denied

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