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Reduce Your Risks in Radiology: Deficient Coding, Modifier Usage & Documentation

Third session in a three-part series, this webcast covers inappropriate coding, missing documentation and incorrect modifier usage, as well as specific challenges with fluoroscopy and duplex Doppler procedures.

Price: $199.00


Description Experience Continuing Education

Inappropriate coding and missing documentation can seriously hamper the ability to support medical necessity for radiology services. Then there are those pesky modifiers, now particularly confusing due to stricter NCCI edits and the addition of MUEs and MAIs. Besides discussing these high-risk areas, this session will zero in on the documentation required for duplex Doppler studies and coding for fluoroscopy procedures, two perennial trouble spots. Highlights:

  • What you need from the ordering emergency room physician to protect your best interests
  • Guidance with the complexities of appending modifiers to your code assignments
  • Clarification of the documentation required for duplex Doppler studies
  • Coding for fluoroscopy when to use individual codes and when to bundle
  • The importance of creating open communication with ordering physicians
  • Q&A opportunity the presenter will answer as many questions as time permits

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