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2017 Nuclear Medicine Reimbursement & Compliance Review


Get the latest guidance on nuclear medicine codes and regulations, as well as PET scans, radiopharmaceuticals, NCCI edits, and more updates that could impact you!

Price: $240.00


Description Biographies Continuing Education

Expect clear, uncomplicated explanations of coding, billing and medical necessity changes, Medicare payment policies, as well as case examples based on actual physician documentation. Take a look at the webcasts agenda:

  • 2017 Changes
    • Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS)
    • Packaging of Diagnostic Exams
    • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS)
    • NCCI PTP Edit Changes, Additions & Deletions
    • National Coverage Determinations
    • Radiopharmaceutical Code Changes, Additions & Deletions
  • Coding, Billing & Medical Necessity Review
    • Radiopharmaceutical Billing
    • Date of Service
    • Missed and Discontinued Appointments
    • Medical Necessity
    • CCI Edits
    • PET Scan Documentation
    • PET/CT
    • Cardiac PET
    • Brain PET
    • PET Scan for Oncologic Indications & Conditions
    • NaF-18 PET for Bone Metastasis
    • Amyloid PET
    • FDG PET and Other Neuroimaging Devices for Dementia
    • Thyroid Scans
    • Metastatic Thyroid Scans
    • Parathyroid Scans
    • Liver/Spleen Scans
    • Hepatobiliary Scans
    • Gastric Emptying Scans
    • Lung Scans
    • Renal Scans
    • Tumor/Distribution of Radiopharmaceuticals
    • Infection/Inflammation Scans
    • Nuclear Cardiology (PET and Non-PET)
    • Myocardial Perfusion Scans
  • Case Examples — including scans for whole-body indium-111, renal, hepatobiliary, thyroid, myocardial perfusion, and lung ventilation.