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Infusion Coding and Case Auditing Webcast Series Image Infusion Coding & Case Auditing, from Common to Complex: A Two-Part Webcast Series

When it comes to coding and billing for infusion services, there's often a glaring disconnect between what's correct and what hospitals submit for payment. Consequently, hospitals across the country are sacrificing revenue opportunities, or they're significantly overcharging Medicare. Why are so many infusion claims plagued with errors, and how can you prevent issues that put your revenues and compliance at risk?

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RT/Pulmonary Function Coding & Billing Suite book images 2018/2019 RT/Pulmonary Function Coding & Billing Suite

Struggling with the complexities of RT/PFT coding, billing and reimbursement can lead to mistakes that sabotage your revenues and increase the likelihood of auditor action. Why not lean on our two bestselling RT/PFT resources to help you navigate successfully through these confusing waters?

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2019 Radiology Coding Book Package image 2018/2019 Radiology Coding Suites

You have a host of challenges in radiology coding, compliance and reimbursement. The good news? We have the solution to meet all of your needs. These packaged suites are comprised of the industry's most renowned radiology how-to resources.