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Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding

Easily grasp IR coding fundamentals

Are you a new coder or a non-clinical staff member who needs to quickly get up to speed on interventional radiology coding? You'll really appreciate this introductory guide — exclusive to MedLearn Publishing, the leader in IR coding, documentation and compliance. It delivers "101 level" knowledge in clear, uncomplicated language.

Price: $143.00
Breast & Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide

Accurate answers lead to correct charges

You can't change the complexities of coding and billing for breast and bone density procedures. But you can make your job a lot easier with the help of this unique how-to resource. It walks you through the Medicare coding and billing requirements for a full range of diagnostic and interventional procedures, while addressing common areas of confusion.

Price: $183.00
Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder

Safeguard vital CRM payments

The more important CRM revenues are to your facility, the more you need the authoritative instruction delivered in this tried-and-true resource. Covering the latest advances in procedures and technologies, our CRM experts walk you step by step to the correct codes and charges. Maximizing your coding accuracy has never been easier!

Price: $183.00
Coding Essentials for Infusion & Injection Therapy Services

Why struggle through another year?

In 2018, infusion and injection therapy services will continue to be one of the most difficult — and highest risk — areas for coding and documentation, according to our consulting experts. There’s one thing you can do to get it right: Make sure you have our comprehensive and practical resource at your fingertips.

Price: $183.00
Coding Essentials for Laboratories

One resource covers both lab and pathology

It's never been more important to achieve correct coding and billing for laboratory and pathology services. Fortunately, you can depend on this two-in-one resource for plain-English explanations, instruction and tips, directly from our highly-respected laboratory and pathology experts. No other publication is more complete or more trusted!

Price: $183.00
Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function

Two popular resources in one!

For 2018, we've combined two proven coding and billing resources into one convenient how-to guide! Now you get our Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function book integrated with our Coding Essentials for Sleep Studies book. You'll save time. You'll save money. And, above all, you'll get answers you trust from leading experts.

Price: $199.00
CT/MR Coder

Keep your coding in sync with advancing technology

Just one mistake, whether it's the incorrect use of infusion therapy codes with CT and MR procedures or missing physician documentation, can put your payments and compliance at risk. Count on this proven how-to book to help you achieve correct coding, billing and documentation, no matter how complex the technology or procedure.

Price: $183.00
Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity

Save time with this unique all-in-one training handbook

With tighter reimbursements and stepped-up compliance checks, clinical documentation improvement is more crucial than ever. So, how do you ensure that CDI best practices are consistently followed in your facility?

Price: $149.00
Interventional Radiology Coder

Your All-In-One IR Coding Handbook

Don't take any chances with your interventional radiology coding in 2018. Ensure full payment and total compliance with the help of America’s #1 IR coding resource. Exceptionally easy to navigate, this compact handbook will save you valuable time finding the correct CPT ®/HCPCS codes for more than 400 IR procedures.

Price: $183.00
Interventional Radiology Coding Charts Image Interventional Radiology Coding Charts

The shortcut to faster, more precise IR coding

Improving the accuracy of your interventional radiology coding could be as easy as putting these at-a-glance charts in the hands of your coders. Each chart displays the high-quality anatomical images and corresponding information to support quick and precise IR coding.

Price: $189.00
Medicare Payment Guide for RT/Cardiopulmonary Services

Receive the most up-to-date Medicare payment information for respiratory therapy and cardiopulmonary services with our indispensable book that clearly and concisely presents everything you need to ensure full payment and regulatory compliance in one convenient reference guide.

Price: $108.00
Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder

Don't let mistakes sabotage your payments

You can prevent the common mistakes and misunderstandings that lead to lost nuclear medicine and PET revenues. In this popular coder, our trusted experts guide you through coding for a full range of nuclear medicine and PET procedures, while helping you sidestep the pitfalls that can lead to incorrect payment, claim denials and auditor action.

Price: $183.00
Peripheral & Cardiology Coder

More complete — and convenient — than ever!

For 2018, we've combined two of our popular coding resources into one convenient how-to guide! Now you get our Peripheral & Cardiology Coder book integrated with our Diagnostic Cardiology & Pulmonary Coding Guide. And it’s not just about saving you time, because this resource delivers proven instruction and insights from top cardiology experts.

Price: $199.00
Peripheral & Cardiology Coding Charts Image Peripheral & Cardiology Coding Charts

Jump-start your coding accuracy and output

Our proven set of color-coded charts can give a big boost to the accuracy of your peripheral and cardiology coding, while saving you time. How? By clarifying physician intent and providing an at-a-glance visual pathway to the correct codes and charges.

Price: $165.00
Study Guide for the Radiology Coding Certification Exam

Improve your ability to pass the exam

MedLearn Publishing developed this resource in partnership with the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) to help you prepare for the Radiology Coding Certification Exam. From new 2018 codes to radiology coding basics, we've covered it all — and organized the content just like the actual test.

Price: $89.00