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Unraveling the Coding and Documentation Quagmire: 2-day LIVE Hands-on Diagnostic/Interventional Radiology, CRM, EP and Nuclear Medicine Workshop 2020

Unraveling the Coding and Documentation Quagmire: 2-day LIVE Hands-on Diagnostic/Interventional Radiology, CRM, EP and Nuclear Medicine Workshop 2020 image

Thursday, September 17, 2020
Friday, September 18, 2020
The Westin, Downtown Denver, Colorado


Offered in partnership with Panacea

  • ✓ Earn CEUs
  • 10.0 AAPC
  • 10.0 CIRCC
  • 10.0 RCC
  • 10.0 RCCIR
  • 10.0 ARRT

Learn directly from the best in the business how to overcome your biggest challenges in compliantly reporting a variety of IR, radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine procedures.

Register for this live 2-day seminar by September 4, 2020 to receive a discounted rate of $995.

Price: $1,200.00

Product Code: SCOL20

Description Biography Continuing Education

Unprecedented live event: Three top coding and documentation experts under one roof for two days

Three of the country's most acclaimed subject matter experts will converge on Denver for an unprecedented two-day workshop that tackles coding and documentation for some of the most challenging areas of medicine: interventional radiology, cardiac rhythm management/electrophysiology, contrast-enhanced ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

For 10 intensive hours, you'll learn directly from the best in the business — Catherine Huyghe, Jeff Majchrzak and Donna Richmond — brought to you through our partnership with Panacea Healthcare Solutions. In addition to plain-English, actionable explanations of rules, regulations and concepts, you'll gain clarity from actual dictated reports and hands-on coding assignments.

Which codes should you use…or avoid? Why is it important to keep your chargemaster up to date? How can your IR, radiology and cardiology teams work with your chargemaster department to improve revenue integrity? Expect answers to these and many other questions that are vitally important to achieving optimal financial outcomes and regulatory compliance.

As a workshop attendee, you're eligible for discounted lodging at The Westin, Downtown Denver, CO. Click here to download the seminar agenda and information sheet with details.

Space is limited for a hands-on experience with Jeff, Donna and Cathy. Register early before the event fills up!

Session Synopses

Day 1: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Nonvascular Interventional Radiology Coding (2 hours)

  • Coding and documentation for abscess drainage, biopsies and cyst aspiration
  • When to use an aspiration code versus a drainage code, coupled with the documentation required to support the coding and billing of each
  • Differences in code choices for abdominal drainage and biopsy procedures
  • Case examples to illustrate complete, compliant coding

Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding (.75 hour)

  • Gain a clear understanding of the rules and regulations, including their practical application, that drive compliant IR coding — critical to capturing all legitimate reimbursements

Vascular Interventional Radiology Coding (3.75 hours)

  • Coding and documentation for dialysis circuit, visceral, extremity and pelvic procedures; covers CPT® code ranges for these services
  • Clarification of common areas of confusion and noncompliance, such as:
    • Differences between vascular and nonvascular fistulas and how to code for the investigation of each
    • Differences between peripheral and central portions of an AV circuit
    • Why approach matters when coding for AV circuit interventions, visceral and additional vessel angiography
    • Coding for 90Y and chemoembolization procedures
    • Rotational angiography — reportable or not?
    • Similarities and differences in coding for arterial versus venous pelvic angiography
  • Cases examples and hands-on coding to reinforce coding best practices

Day 2: Friday, September 18, 2020

Cardiac Rhythm Management/Electrophysiology Coding (2 hours)

  • Coding and documentation for diagnostic, therapeutic, pacemaker and ICD procedures; covers 3xxxx and 93xxx series of the CPT manual
  • Explanations of CRM/EP procedures and the anatomy involved
  • Key differences between the diagnostic and therapeutic portions of CRM procedures
  • Case examples to highlight documentation best practices and to help identify and extract key language to arrive at complete, compliant code assignments

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Coding (.5 hour)

  • Overview of the current environment surrounding CEUS coding and billing
  • Discussion of AMA and ACR coding recommendations, including clinical indications and discrepancies

Nuclear Medicine Coding (1 hour)

  • CPT coding and documentation for SPECT, SPECT/CT, PET and PET/CT
  • Clarification of the nuclear medicine coding overhaul of 2020, including how to decipher the nuances of code assignments
  • Case examples to illustrate complete, compliant coding

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.