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CPT Changes 2022: An Insider's View

CPT Changes 2022: An Insider's View book cover

Price: $84.95
Format: Spiralbound, 8½" × 11"
Edition/Year: 2022
Publisher: American Medical Association
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Availability: November 2021
Product Code: IPCIV22

Description Biography

For a better understanding of the latest revisions to the CPT® code set, rely on the best-selling CPT® Changes 2022: An Insider’s View. Find the meaning behind all the changes included in the AMA’s CPT® 2022 Professional Edition codebook. Invest in this annual publication and get the insider’s perspective into the CPT code set directly from the source—the American Medical Association.

AMA is the authority to turn to when seeking an official interpretation and explanation for a CPT code or guideline change. Know the changes inside and out. Avoid and reduce claim denials.

Features and Benefits

  • Organizational structure similar to the CPT codebook — allows coders to easily conduct a side-by-side read of CPT® Changes with the CPT® Professional
  • Official AMA rationales — provide a detailed explanation for the code or guideline change
  • Clinical examples, procedural descriptions and illustrations — help explain the practical application for each change
  • At-a-glance summary table of the 2022 changes in each section — shows the extent to which that changes affect a particular specialty

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.