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Satisfy every learning need

Consider the broad range of learning needs for everyone in your organization who's involved with coding, reimbursement and compliance, from outpatient and inpatient coders, to billing staff, CDI specialists, auditors and compliance officers.

Now envision one place where you could satisfy all these needs through webcasts, eBooks, coding charts, premium news content and more. The resources in this centralized hub would be accessible from any location, at any time, with any device, for one affordable price.

MedLearn Media Resource Center is here — and you won't find anything like it anywhere else.

One Source for All 3 Brands

Enjoy one-stop access to every single MedLearn Publishing, ICD10monitor and RACmonitor resource.

Industry-Leading Expertise

Count on the accuracy and reliability of content from leading experts who specialize in coding, billing and compliance.

Accessible on Your Terms

View content whenever it's convenient for you, from any location, on the device of your choosing.

CEUs Included

With many webcasts, earn continuing education units from several credentialing organizations at no additional charge.

Overview of what's included

Your MedLearn Media Resource Center subscription includes access to all resources developed by MedLearn Publishing, ICD10monitor and RACmonitor.

MedLearn Publishing

Outpatient coding, billing and compliance resources, including webcasts, eBooks, coding charts and premium news content, specializing in interventional radiology, diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology, infusion services, laboratory and respiratory therapy.


Live and on-demand webcasts devoted to helping you achieve accurate ICD-10-CM and ICD-CM-PCS coding for a broad range of services, from cardiovascular surgery to wound debridement; also includes trending compliance topics, such as CC/MCCs and physician query practices.


Live and on-demand webcasts focused on keeping you informed about the activities of Recovery Contractor Auditors, as well as other audit and regulatory entities, along with strategies and tactics for making decisions that help keep you compliant while achieving your revenue objectives.

*Access includes qualifying MedLearn Publishing, RACmonitor, and ICD10monitor resources only. Does not include Study Guide for the RCC Exam, online RBMA CEUs, COVID-19 chart, and other partner products resold on our websites.

Questions? Ready to get started?

At MedLearn Media, we're ready to answer any questions you may have about a subscription to the MedLearn Media Resource Center and to provide you with a no-obligation price quote. You can reach us at 800.252.1578, ext. 2, or email us. Or click below to request a call from one of our representatives.

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