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2017 Breast & Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide

breast and bone density procedure coding book cover
Updated for 2017, this essential book includes nine deleted codes, overhaul of codes for mammography and computer-aided detection, and new payment rates.

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Effectively determine correct breast procedure charges.

With an overhaul of codes for mammography and computer-aided detection, this easy-to-read resource includes explanations with detailed information regarding breast and bone density procedures, providing clear instruction in coding and billing for a very complex area of medicine.

What's in this essential guide?

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Breast Imaging
    • Mammography
    • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
    • Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
    • Magnetic Resonance Breast Scan
    • Tactile Breast Imaging
    • Ultrasound Breast Scan
    • Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI)
    • Positron Emission Mammography (PEM)
    • Positron Emission Mammography (PEM) with CT
  • Chapter 2: Mammography Interventional Procedures
    • Fine Needle Aspiration
    • Breast Cyst Aspiration
    • Galactogram (Ductogram)
    • Core Biopsy
    • Ablation
    • Needle Localization
    • Radiotherapy Afterloading Balloon Catheter and Brachytherapy
    • Sentinel Node Injection
    • Specimen Radiography
    • Optical Coherence Tomography
    • Microwave Destruction
  • Chapter 3: Imaging Guidance
    • Ultrasonic
    • CT/MR
    • Ductogram/Galactogram
  • Chapter 4: Bone Densitometry
    • DXA Scan
    • Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS)
    • Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT)
    • Photon Absorptiometry (SPA and DPA)
    • Single Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (SXA)
  • Chapter 5: Modifiers
    • General Usage
    • CPT® Level I
    • HCPCS Level II
  • Appendix A: Mammography Services
  • Appendix B: Mammography Questions and Answers
  • Appendix C: Percutaneous Image-Guided Breast Biopsy
  • Appendix D: Value-Based Purchasing
  • Appendix E: Bone Mass Measurements
  • Appendix F: Recovery Audit Program
  • Appendix G: ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding
  • Appendix H: Dense Breast Notification
  • Appendix I: SEER Diagram
  • Appendix J: Medicare Quality Payment Programs
    • Hospital IQR and OQR Programs

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