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Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding

Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding

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No matter your experience level with IR coding, Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding gives you the tools to be confident with codes for common, new, or unusual IR procedures. Whether you’re looking for guidance on pain management, biliary, diagnostic imaging, dialysis graft/fistula, or the new EVAR codes, it’s all here with clear guidance and case studies for practical application.

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The basics and so much more.

Whether you’re new, taking on new procedures, or looking for a deeper understanding of IR coding — this is the place to start. With easy to follow guidance, this essential resource walks through the fundamentals of IR coding (component, hybrid or bundled, arterial and venous selective and non-selective codes, order of selectivity, and more!), plus offers in-depth explanations of the most common codes as well as those that cause the most confusion.

Designed to bridge the gap between coders and clinicians, Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding covers both non-vascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as vascular angiography and interventions, walking you through procedures with; corresponding code definitions, detailed guidance for use, applicable add-on codes, and anatomical illustrations showing common procedures with corresponding CPT® codes. The full dictated reports at the end of each section also highlight documentation key phrases leading to correct code assignments showing the proper use of add-on, radiological S&I, imaging guidance, and sedation codes.

Pain management, GI/biliary system, urinary system, venous access, diagnostic angiography, vascular interventions including angioplasty, stent placement, atherectomy, embolization, dialysis graft/fistula, EVAR/FEVAR/TEVAR, and more — it’s all covered to give you a good foundation of the basics and beyond!

Features and Benefits

  • Updated with NEW information, including new and revised codes, code descriptions, coding guidelines and payments for:
    • Endovascular repair of abdominal aorta and/or iliac arteries (EVAR)
    • Venous sclerosing
    • Endovenous ablation of incompetent veins
    • Bone marrow diagnostic procedures
    • Cryoablation treatment
    • Brachial retrograde artery introduction
    • Knee arthrography injection
    • IVUS parenthetical note revisions
    • And more!
  • Step-by-step through coding and billing for IR procedures, including both diagnostic exams and therapeutic interventions
  • Easy to navigate — content is organized by nonvascular and vascular IR, and then by body system and procedure type
  • Each section on specific IR services includes:
    • Description of the procedure and how it’s performed with corresponding CPT®/HCPCS code descriptions and guidelines for use
    • Critical elements in physician documentation that lead to correct code assignment
    • Case examples to reinforce key concepts
    • Anatomical illustrations showing common procedures and corresponding CPT codes
    • Applicable add-on, radiological S&I and imaging guidance codes with guidelines for use
  • Covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) entities
  • Easy-to-understand overviews of essential topics, including:
    • Diagnostic vs. therapeutic procedures
    • Physician vs. hospital coding
    • Medicare payments and coding guidelines
    • CPT coding basics
    • And more!

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

The final rules for the 2018 Medicare outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) and the Medicare physician fee schedule (MPFS) dictate the publishing dates for our books. In previous years, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have issued these final rules in early November of the previous year (November 2017), and the updating process for our books begins.

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