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Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding 2017 Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding

An ideal IR starting point for clinical and non-clinical staff.

Looking for an introductory guide to interventional radiology coding? With a CPT® code index, sample cases, and detailed information laid out in an easy-to-read manner, you'll understand why and how exams are performed.

Price: $130.00
breast and bone density procedure coding book cover 2017 Breast & Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide

Effectively determine correct breast procedure charges.

With an overhaul of codes for mammography and computer-aided detection, this easy-to-read resource provides clear instruction in coding and billing breast and bone density procedures.

Price: $167.00
Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder Cover 2017 Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder

Effectively code & bill CRM procedures, such as electrophysiology.

Master the basics of coding for electrophysiology (EP), ablation, SICDs, pacemakers, ICDs, device upgrades, and more.

Price: $167.00
coding for infusion and injection therapy book 2017 Coding Essentials for Infusion and Injection Therapy Services

Accurately complete infusion and injection therapy training.

Covering infusion and injection coding and billing, this clear and easy to follow how-to resource provides you with the must-have knowledge about rules, regulations, and changes for the new year.

Price: $167.00
coding essentials for laboratories book cover 2017 Coding Essentials for Laboratories

Stay up-to-date on laboratory and pathology coding.

Covering both laboratory and pathology services using layman's terms, you'll be able to code and bill laboratory charges correctly and efficiently.

Price: $167.00
Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function 2017 Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function

Ensure accurate charges & descriptions for RT/pulmonary function.

With accurate, up-to-date information, you simply won't find a more complete or trusted guide for coding and billing for respiratory therapy services and pulmonary function testing.

Price: $167.00
Coding Essentials for Sleep Studies 2017 Coding Essentials for Sleep Studies

Effectively manage reimbursement for outpatient sleep studies.

Many sleep centers and hospital respiratory therapy departments don't understand reimbursement for outpatient sleep studies, especially medical necessity requirements. The rules are intricate, and the risks are big. We're here to help you achieve the proper payment and avoid auditor action.

Price: $167.00
CT/MR Coder Cover 2017 CT/MR Coder

Effectively keep pace with advances in CT & MR technology.

Have your billing and coding practices kept pace with advances in CT and MR technology? Get the updated 2017 information you need to code successfully for all CT and MR procedures.

Price: $167.00
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization coder 2017 Diagnostic & Therapeutic Cardiac Catheterization Coder

Confront the coding complexities and high-risk areas.

Master the basics of coding for diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization and diagnostic and therapeutic interventional radiological (peripheral) procedures.

Price: $167.00
diagnostic cardiology and pulmonary coding guide cover 2017 Diagnostic Cardiology & Pulmonary Coding Guide

Quickly find the coding answers you need

This compact handbook provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive look into the most valuable coding and billing for diagnostic cardiology and pulmonary studies.

Price: $109.00
Emergency Department Revenue Cycle Handbook 2017 Emergency Department Revenue Cycle Handbook

Expanded & improved: ED best practices, from admission to billing.

Our goal was to offer you the most comprehensive, most useful resource for effectively managing revenue-critical data throughout the ED process.

Price: $167.00
Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity 2017 Essentials for Clinical Documentation Integrity

Save time with this unique all-in-one training handbook

With tighter reimbursements and stepped-up compliance checks, clinical documentation improvement is more crucial than ever. So, how do you ensure that CDI best practices are consistently followed in your facility?

Price: $149.00
evaluation and management essentials cover 2017 Evaluation & Management Essentials

Keys to accurate charge capture and compliant billing.

Gain valuable insights into how to properly document and bill for evaluation and management (E/M) services, as well as how to correct common errors in the medical record.

Price: $167.00
Infusion & Injection Coding & Documentation for the Non-Coder 2017 Infusion & Injection Coding & Documentation for the Non-Coder

Easy-to-understand infusion and injection guide

Find basic infusion and injection guidance with the AMA's complex coding hierarchy, as well as a summary of documentation requirements to support billing for hydration, drug therapy and chemotherapy services.

Price: $85.00
2017 Interventional Radiology Coding Charts

Anatomical interventional radiology charts guiding you to the right codes and charges.

With 55 color-coded and laminated anatomical interventional radiology charts, you will quickly and accurately get to the right codes for complex procedures.

Price: $172.00