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2017 Coding Essentials for Laboratories

coding essentials for laboratories book cover
Updated for 2017, this essential book includes a rewrite of codes for clinical drug testing, billing guidance on drug testing, payment packaging, and the NCCI.

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Stay up-to-date on laboratory and pathology coding.

Covering both laboratory and pathology services using layman's terms, you'll be able to code and bill laboratory charges correctly and efficiently. Gain insight on the 2017 NCCI review and C-APC payment information, as well as a rewrite of codes for clinical drug testing. You can depend on this go-to guide for answers to all your coding, billing and compliance questions.

What's in this coding guide?

  • Introduction
    • CPT® Coding Guidelines and Terminology
    • Coding Flowcharts
    • Category III CPT Codes
    • HCPCS Alternate Codes
    • Revenue Center Codes
    • National Correct Coding Initiative
    • Medically Unlikely Edits
    • Routine Screening Tests
    • CLIA Compliance
    • Medicare Packaging of Lab Tests
  • Chapter 1: Organ and Disease Panels
  • Chapter 2: Drug Testing
  • Chapter 3: Therapeutic Drug Assays
  • Chapter 4: Urinalysis
  • Chapter 5: Molecular Pathology
  • Chapter 6: Chemistry Testing
  • Chapter 7: Hematology
  • Chapter 8: Coagulation Testing
  • Chapter 9: Immunology
  • Chapter 10: Microbiology
  • Chapter 11: Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine
  • Chapter 12: Cytopathology
  • Chapter 13: Cytogenetic Studies
  • Chapter 14: Surgical Pathology and Histology
  • Chapter 15: In Vivo (Transcutaneous) Procedures, Miscellaneous Testing, Reproductive Medicine
  • Chapter 16: Preventive Screening Procedures
  • Chapter 17: Payment Methods for Clinical Laboratory and Professional Services
  • Appendix A: Medicare Manuals
  • Appendix B: Medicare Quality Payment Programs

NOTE: Each chapter includes 2017 coding changes, coding and billing tips, and coding flowcharts.

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