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2017 Coding Essentials for Infusion and Injection Therapy Services

coding for infusion and injection therapy book
Updated for 2017, this clear and easy to follow how-to resource provides you with CPT®, HCPCS, and revenue center codes, Medicare payment information, c-APC for observation care, and new payment tables.

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Accurately complete infusion and injection therapy training.

Healthcare providers of all types are experiencing major issues with the coding and documentation of infusion and injection therapy services. The threats to payments and compliance have never been greater — which is why we created this clear and easy to follow how-to resource provides you with the must-have knowledge about rules, regulations, and changes for the new year.

What's in this coding guide?

  • Section 1: Fundamentals
    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1: Medicare Payment Primer
    • Chapter 2: Clinical Background
    • Chapter 3: Business Processes and Operations
  • Section 2: Hydration
    • Chapter 4: Hydration Therapy
  • Section 3: Drug Administration
    • Chapter 5: Intravenous Infusion
    • Chapter 6: Subcutaneous Infusions
    • Chapter 7: Injections: Intravenous
    • Chapter 8: Injections: Subcutaneous, Intramuscular, or Intra-arterial
  • Section 4: Chemotherapy
    • Chapter 9: Injections
    • Chapter 10: Intravenous Push
    • Chapter 11: Intravenous Infusion
    • Chapter 12: Implantable and Portable Drug Delivery Systems
    • Chapter 13: Other Modes of Administration
  • Section 5: Other Procedures
    • Chapter 14: Blood Collection
    • Chapter 15: Transfusion of Blood and Blood Components
    • Chapter 16: Therapeutic Pheresis
    • Chapter 17: Declotting Vascular Access Device
    • Chapter 18: Vaccines and Toxoids
    • Chapter 19: Therapeutic Phlebotomy
  • Section 6: Pharmacy
    • Chapter 20: Coding for Drugs and Biologicals
  • Section 7: Observation Care
    • Chapter 21: Observation Care
  • Appendices
    • Appendix A: Correct Coding Edits for Hospital Outpatient Infusion Services
    • Appendix B: Correct Coding Edits for Physician Infusion Services
    • Appendix C: Avoiding Drug Name Confusion
    • Appendix D: Avoiding Error-Prone Drug Documentation
    • Appendix E: Coding for Drugs and Biologicals
    • Appendix F: Local Coverage Determination for Drugs and Biologicals
    • Appendix G: Inpatient Admission vs. Outpatient Observation Reference Guide—Dehydration Services
    • Appendix H: CMS Guidance on Use of Repackaged Single-Dose Vials

    NOTE: Each chapter includes CPT/HCPCS codes, intended use, billing tips, and case studies.

    CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.