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CT/MR Coding & Billing: What's New and Solutions to Common Issues

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Are you aware of the new challenges with CT and MR services in 2019? What's separately billable for combination studies performed at the same patient encounter (i.e., CTA and CT or MRA and MRI)? When, and how often, can you charge for 3D rendering with CT services? What must be documented to charge for CTA? Get answers to these and many other questions from Jeff Majchrzak!

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Description Biography Continuing Education

Commonly performed, yet all-too-commonly miscoded — this sums up the state of affairs for CT and MR services. When repeated over a huge volume of procedures, even the smallest coding or billing mistake can have a significant financial impact. In this webcast, Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RCC, CIRCC, will make sure you possess a clear understanding of how to correctly report the latest codes for CT/CTA and MRI/MRA services, and he'll walk you through the dos and don'ts of some of the most problematic coding and billing scenarios.

What's on the agenda:

  • A review of current CPT® and HCPCS codes for CT/CTA and MRI/MRA procedures, including new codes for 2019 pertaining to:
    • Breast MRI, with and without CAD – what you need to know about the changes, what's missing and where HCPCS is counterintuitive
    • MR Elastography
    • Knee arthrography
  • Focus on actionable solutions to problematic coding and billing scenarios, including:
    • Combination studies performed at the same patient encounter — what can be billed separately, and what's inclusive?
    • Compliant documentation, and what to look for to charge CTA
    • Abdomen, pelvis or abdomen and pelvis
    • Abdominal aorta with run-off
    • Reconstructed spine images
  • Answers and insights on common questions:
    • When, and how often, 3D rendering (76376/76377) can be charged
    • How to decipher reports, and know what to charge, when multiple MRI/MRA exams are performed at the same encounter
    • CT limited or localized follow-up study code 76380 – what is meant by this and what is the current use
  • Documentation and billing best practices, ensuring support for your code assignments and the full appropriate payment
  • National Correct Coding Initiative language and edits, specific to MR and CT procedures
  • Real-life case examples that reinforce key concepts and illustrate coding dos and don'ts
  • Time permitting, answers to attendee questions

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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