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Evaluation & Management Essentials

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Even as the public health emergency continues and patient volumes are disrupted, the Evaluation & Management Essentials will assist you in staying on top of rules and guidelines to ensure compliant charges and capturing full compliant payment for E&M services.

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The support you need to ensure compliance with changing codes, guidelines and documentation requirements

Amid the continuing challenges inherent with charging and billing for evaluation and management (E&M) services, you can quickly get the answers you need from the new edition of our Evaluation & Management Essentials book. Fully updated for 2022, this proven resource covers all the changes to codes, guidelines and documentation requirements. Plus, you’ll find guidance with the new calculations for selecting a level of service based on time or medical decision-making — which initially are applicable only to office visits, meaning there’s a different set of guidelines for hospitals and other settings.

This time-tested resource is ideal for coders, audit and compliance staff, physicians, clinic staff and others; it’s designed to clear up the confusion and instill confidence in confronting many changes.

Features and Benefits

Updated and expanded content, including:

  • New guidance pertaining to telehealth/telemedicine services through the extended public health emergency (PHE).
  • Specifics on the new guidelines, corresponding codes and how they will be changing, and the documentation required to support code selections
  • Guidance with the add-on codes for prolonged services and additional resources and how they will be used
  • New calculations for time and medical decision making and how they impact the level of service
  • Impact of these changes and how to communicate with and educate providers
  • Tips for updating electronic medical record (EMR) templates to support the new documentation requirements

Resources to stay compliant with current guidelines:

  • Expanded information on telehealth and online services
  • Step-by-step documentation guidance — detailed information covering E&M services in all settings and situations, including emergency departments, observation care, inpatient and outpatient consultations, nursing facilities and care plan services
  • Thorough explanations of E&M components (history, examination, medical decision-making and medical necessity) and official documentation guidelines, plus discussion of how to interpret and apply the guidelines; includes a detailed comparison of 1995 and 1997 guidelines
  • Modifier discussion — how to appropriately append modifiers to services, with specific examples of the proper and improper use of modifier 25

Expert tools for practical application of E&M guidelines and code selection:

  • At-a-glance resources to help streamline coding and documentation
  • Tips for staying compliant and avoiding payment penalties and/or claim reviews
  • Case studies to reinforce best practices for supporting E&M code assignments
  • Documentation examples covering a variety of scenarios; includes customizable sample forms
  • Tables breaking down all categories of E&M services and the requirements for each

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