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Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding

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Whatever your level of IVR coding knowledge or experience, you'll find valuable, actionable knowledge in this one-of-a-kind resource, covering common, new and unusual IVR procedures.

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Clear guidance with interventional radiology CPT® codes, concepts, and more

Looking for a basic guide to interventional radiology coding? Count on MedLearn Publishing, long-time leader in IVR coding, to deliver the easy-to-understand resource you need! Suitable for both clinical and non-clinical staff, this unique book covers a full range of procedures, from angioplasty to EVAR, FEVAR and TEVAR. Along the way, it de-complicates IVR coding concepts, including component, hybrid, bundled, arterial, venous, selective, non-selective and order of selectivity. Plus, you get in-depth explanations of the most common codes, as well as those that cause the most confusion. Ultimately, you'll gain a clearer understanding of IVR coding basics — and so much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Updated with NEW information:
    • Many new, deleted and revised HCPCS and CPT codes for reporting procedures, including:
      • Fine needle aspiration
      • Knee arthrography
      • PICC line (with update to CVA guidelines)
      • Urinary tract dilation
      • Gastrostomy tube replacement
    • Numerous revisions to IVR coding guidelines as well as parenthetical revisions
    • Update on IVR-specific NCCI edits
    • New details on the different types of endoleaks, to assist with deciphering physician documentation
    • New evaluation and management appendix — indicating E&M services that should (and should not) be reported
    • Based on questions received throughout the year, expanded guidance pertaining to intracranial venous stenting, sacroplasty, 3D post-processing and vein ablations
  • Step-by-step through coding for a full range of CT and MR procedures, including CTA, CTC, MRI, MRA, MRS and MRV
  • Easy to navigate — codes are grouped by body system (e.g., head and neck) and then by code sequence
  • Covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) entities
  • Each section includes:
    • Procedure definitions with corresponding HCPCS and CPT codes
    • Coding guidelines and billing tips
    • Payment tables with codes, MPFS status, RVUs, OPPS APC information and payment rates
    • Case examples to help you make the connection between procedures and correct code assignments
  • Special help with common areas of confusion and noncompliance, such as:
    • Key distinctions when coding for CTA vs. CT procedures
    • Coding for 3D post-processing — what's required and when it can be charged
    • Coding for CT/CTA of the heart
    • Billing of concurrent MRA and MRI procedures
    • Coding multiple joint MRIs in the same extremity
    • Coding for contrast materials and hydration therapy
    • Documentation requirements to support 3D rendering charges

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

When will my book ship? We will begin publishing our 2019 books immediately after the CMS releases the 2019 Final Rule. We anticipate this will be in early November, and estimate our books will begin shipping in December.

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