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Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding

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Accurate IR coding starts with a solid understanding of how IR procedures are performed and how to decipher physician documentation — exactly what you'll learn from this essential resource.

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Get a firm grasp of the fundamentals behind accurate IR coding

Whether you're a clinical or non-clinical staff member, experienced or new coder — if you want to expand your understanding of interventional radiology coding, this is the book for you! Not only do you get the "how to" code, but the "why" behind the correct code assignments, from in-depth explanations of IR procedures, to help with interpreting physician documentation.

Features and Benefits:

Clearly and concisely, our IR coding experts cover many essential concepts, such as:

  • Descriptions of IR procedures, including both diagnostic exams and therapeutic interventions, as well as vascular angiography and interventions, and how each one is performed
  • Corresponding CPT®/HCPCS code descriptions and coding guidelines for each procedure; covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) entities
  • Explanations of any applicable add-on, radiological S&I and imaging guidance codes, with guidelines for use
  • Critical elements in physician documentation that lead to correct code assignments
  • Guidance with IR coding concepts, including component, hybrid, bundled, arterial, venous, selective, non-selective and order of selectivity
  • Overviews of other must-know topics: diagnostic vs. therapeutic procedures, physician vs. hospital coding, Medicare payments and coding guidelines, CPT coding basics and much more

Updated annually to address new and problematic areas:

  • Step by step through any new, deleted and revised codes for reporting procedures
  • Revisions to IR coding guidelines, plus any editorial revisions
  • New details and tips to assist with deciphering physician documentation
  • Expanded guidance based on frequent questions received throughout the year

A proven approach to effective learning and quick reference for busy professionals:

  • Content is organized by nonvascular and vascular IR, and then by body system and procedure type
  • Anatomical illustrations showing common procedures and the corresponding CPT codes
  • At the end of each chapter, full dictated reports with highlighted key phrases that lead to correct code assignments

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

When will my book ship? We will begin publishing our 2020 books immediately after the CMS releases the 2020 Final Rule. We anticipate this will be in early November, and estimate our books will begin shipping in December.

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