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Genitourinary Interventional Radiology Coding

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Covering a full range of genitourinary procedures, join us for this in-depth session as Jeff Majchrzak breaks down diagnostic and therapeutic procedures — detailing the procedures and the CPT ® codes that go with them while offering in-depth insights, guidance, and instruction so you can come away with confidence when coding for these complex, and often error prone, services.

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Description Biography Continuing Education

Bringing clarity to gray areas surrounding genitourinary studies

There's a lot of gray areas when it comes to coding for diagnostic and therapeutic genitourinary procedures — complex procedures with unclear documentation and subtle differences in code descriptions that leave a lot of room for coding errors. What's included, and what's not, in the bundled codes? When can multiple codes be reported? Unilateral vs. bilateral procedures? Stent placements, catheter exchanges, conversions and replacements? What's the difference between a stent and catheter in GU codes?

This two-hour session will be addressing these questions and more with detailed overviews of procedures and the CPT® codes that go with them. Using illustrations and case examples to point out key phrases in documentation, this in-depth instruction will ensure you arrive at the proper code. Benefit from Jeff's knowledge and experience, in addition to the questions and issues he regularly encounters, and come away with the tools to quickly and accurately arrive at the right code choices for genitourinary procedures.

The agenda, covered by our presenter, Jeff Majchrzak includes:

  • GU procedures
    • Typical CPT options (50390, 50395-50396, 50684, 50688, 50690)
    • Bundled CPT options (50382, 50384-50387, 50389)
  • Full descriptions of codes for diagnostic and therapeutic GU procedures
    • Urinary system – kidney, ureter
    • Therapeutic percutaneous genitourinary procedures
    • Codes 50432, 50433, 50434, 50435
    • Biopsy – code 50606
    • Ureteral stent placement – codes 50693-50695
    • Repair – codes 50705-50706
  • Renal procedures – surgical and S&I coding examples
  • Case examples

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Note: Before participating in this session, we recommend that you attend our Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding webcast, which covers general IR coding essentials.

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