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GI/Biliary Interventional Radiology Coding

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Covering a full range of biliary and GI procedures, join us for this in-depth session as Jeff Majchrzak breaks down diagnostic and therapeutic services–detailing the procedures and the CPT® codes that go with them while offering in-depth insights, guidance, and instruction so you can come away confident when coding for these complex, and often error prone, services.

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Clear up gray areas in GI/Biliary IR coding

A number of changes over the last few years have left a lot of gray areas when it comes to coding for diagnostic and therapeutic GI and Biliary procedures–complex procedures with unclear documentation combined with subtle differences in code descriptions leave a lot of room for errors. What’s included, and what’s not, in the bundled codes? When can multiple codes be reported together? Stent placements, catheter exchanges, conversions and replacements–what are the keys to ensure proper code selection?

This two-hour session will address these questions and more. Using illustrations and case examples to walk through procedures, the corresponding CPT codes and point out key phrases in documentation, this in-depth guidance will ensure you walk away with the tools to quickly and confidently arrive at the right code choices for GI and Biliary procedures.

The agenda, covered by our presenter, Jeff Majchrzak includes:

  • In-depth overviews of GI and Biliary procedures (imaging and interventions) with detailed explanations of how the procedures are performed, including:
    • Biliary tract imaging and interventions
      • Drainage catheters, stent placement, rendezvous procedures, dilations, stone removal, etc.
    • Percutaneous GI tube services
      • Initial placements, conversion, replacement, repositioning, etc.
    • Nonvascular sclerotherapy
      • What is it? What’s the right way to charge? Answers to FAQs.
  • Explanations of code descriptions and how they relate to procedures
  • Key terms to look for in documentation
    • Different ways the same things may be dictated in reports and terms that are often used interchangeably
  • Review of guidelines to ensure proper code selections with tips and answers to frequently asked questions along the way
  • Case Examples

Note: Before participating in this session, we recommend that you attend our Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding webcast, which covers general IR coding essentials.

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