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2022 Breast & Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide book image Breast & Bone Density Procedure Coding Guide

Get comprehensive coding and billing help with a full range of breast imaging and bone density procedures, including mammography, breast interventions, DEXA/DXA and imaging guidance.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder book image Cardiac Rhythm Management Coder

Could coding for CRM and EP procedures get any tougher? The answer is a resounding “yes.” On top of the inherent challenges of CRM/EP coding, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding many of the new, deleted and revised codes recently introduced.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Coding Essentials for Infusion & Injection Therapy Services book image Coding Essentials for Infusion & Injection Therapy Services

Get clear-cut guidance through coding for infusion and injection services in all settings, plus solutions to recurring issues and challenges that put payments and compliance at risk, from crucial missing elements in documentation, to confusion over current payer trends.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Coding Essentials for Laboratories book image Coding Essentials for Laboratories

During these challenging times, you need more than a guide to laboratory coding and billing. Mounting complexity, confusing new rules, and diminishing reimbursements require a more comprehensive solution — this is exactly what you get with Coding Essentials for Laboratories.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2021 Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function book image Coding Essentials for RT/Pulmonary Function

This unique resource will guide you through charge capture and coding while helping you avoid noncompliant practices for a full range of respiratory therapy, pulmonary function testing and sleep study services.

Non-Member Price: $199.00
2022 CT/MR Coder book image CT/MR Coder

Our CT/MR Coder book is focused on empowering you to capture full appropriate payment — regardless of the complexity involved. Using easy-to-understand language and a quick-reference format, we define and dissect every CPT® code and how it’s used.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding book image Essentials of Interventional Radiology Coding

This popular resource provides in-depth explanations of the “why” behind IR correct code assignments, a breakdown of common and complex services, as well as valuable guidance with interpreting physician documentation in all its variations.

Non-Member Price: $162.00
2022 Interventional Radiology Coder book image Interventional Radiology Coder

One resource providing the fastest, easiest access to the correct CPT®/HCPCS codes for hundreds of common and not-so-common IR procedures, along with guidance through tricky gray areas.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder book image Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder

As service volumes rebound with an easing of the pandemic, it’s never been more important to follow the most current coding and billing guidelines to ensure that nuclear medicine and PET procedures are coded completely and compliantly.

Non-Member Price: $197.00
2022 Peripheral & Cardiology Coder image Peripheral & Cardiology Coder

Our experts explain, step by step, how peripheral and cardiology procedures are performed and how to zero in on key words and phrases in the physician documentation to arrive at the correct bundled code.

Non-Member Price: $199.00
2022 Ultrasound Coder book image Ultrasound Coder

Resolve your areas of uncertainty and confusion with the help of this trusted resource. Get the guidance you need to avoid missed revenue opportunities and noncompliant practices, plus actionable instruction covering new, revised and deleted codes.

Price: $197.00