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Interventional Radiology Coding Charts

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Clarifying physician intent and arriving at the correct CPT® codes for interventional radiology procedures have become a lot easier and faster, thanks to these exclusive color-coded charts.

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A faster pathway from physician intent to the correct CPT® code selection

In a busy, fast-paced environment, these unique quick-reference anatomical charts will save you time and make it easier to zero in on the right CPT codes for vascular and nonvascular IR procedures. Featuring high-quality images, color coding and helpful tips, the charts help clarify physician intent, enabling you to efficiently select the correct codes for common and complex IR procedures performed across all body systems. And it's not just new or seasoned coders who've found these charts to be indispensable — they're also ideal for billing staff, techs, physicians, students and anyone else who wants to improve their understanding of IR coding. And they're the perfect companion to our Interventional Radiology Coder book.

Features and Benefits

  • New for 2019:
    • Incorporates new, deleted and revised IR codes for reporting IR procedures, including PICC line (with update to CVA guidelines)
    • Updates to chart for lower extremities (femoral and iliac)
  • The charts in this set display:
    • Detailed anatomical views representing coding for a broad range of arterial and venous procedures in the head, neck, chest, aorta, renal, abdominal and upper/lower extremities, as well as nonvascular procedures, including genitourinary, biliary and pain management services
    • Bundled and component-coded procedures
    • Guidance with the rules governing selective and nonselective coding
    • Coding combinations for commonly performed procedures
    • At-a-glance interpretation of the rules governing interventional procedures, including angiography, angioplasty, stenting, atherectomy, embolization bypass grafts and combination procedures, as well as initial and additional vessels
  • Anatomical diagrams included in this set are:
    • Lower & upper extremities – arteries and veins
    • Commonly accessed arteries of the abdomen, pelvis and lower extremities
    • Head, neck and chest
    • Lower extremity revascularization
    • Dialysis graft/fistula
    • Main renal and accessory renal arteries and branches
    • Liver, hepatic and biliary system
    • Pain management injections
    • And others!
  • Easy to navigate — codes are organized by color to show order of selectivity
  • Heavy laminated stock that stands up to repeated handling (applies to print format only)

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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