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2017 Infusion & Injection Coding & Documentation for the Non-Coder

Infusion & Injection Coding & Documentation for the Non-Coder
Updated for 2017, this condensed guide provides you with an overview of the impact of CPT® coding on revenue and medical necessity, a new chapter on hospital and physician payments, illustrations, and guidance with medical necessity and quality measures.

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Easy-to-understand infusion and injection guide

Find basic infusion and injection coding and documentation guidance with the AMA's complex coding hierarchy, as well as a summary of documentation requirements to support billing for hydration, drug therapy and chemotherapy services.

What's in this coding guide?

  • Introduction
    • The Basic Rationale
    • Correlation of Billable Codes with the Drug Administered
    • Documentation for the Encounter
    • Medical Necessity
    • Evaluation and Management
    • Physician Documentation
    • Nurse Documentation of Administration
    • Use of Standing Orders
    • Medicare Payment of Outpatient Medication Administration
    • Recovery Audit Program
    • Medicaid Integrity Program
    • The ICD-10 Coding System
  • Chapter 1: Hydration Therapy
    • Hydration as the Primary Service
    • Hydration as a Secondary Service
    • Hydration Started Outside the Hospital
  • Chapter 2: Therapeutic Drug Administration Services*
    • Non-Chemotherapy Intravenous Infusion
    • Therapeutic Infusion
    • Prophylaxis
    • Diagnostic Drug Administration Services
    • Infusion Started Outside the Hospital
  • Chapter 3: Subcutaneous Infusions
  • Chapter 4: Injections— Intravenous (IV Push)*
  • Chapter 5: Injections— Subcutaneous or Intramuscular
  • Overview of Chemotherapeutic Services
  • Chapter 6: Anti-neoplastic Injections— Subcutaneous or Intramuscular
  • Chapter 7: Anti-neoplastic Injections— Intravenous Push*
  • Chapter 8: Chemotherapy Intravenous Infusion*
    • Prolonged Chemotherapy Infusion
    • Sequential or Concurrent Service
  • Chapter 9: Documentation for Infusions and Injections
  • Appendix A: Abbreviations

*Includes both Primary and Secondary Intent Information

CPT ® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.