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Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder

Whether it's procedures or radiopharmaceuticals, many facilities desperately need help with their nuclear medicine/PET coding and billing. You won’t find a better how-to resource than our time-tested Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder.

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Don't let mistakes sabotage your payments

You can prevent the common mistakes and misunderstandings that lead to lost nuclear medicine and PET revenues. In this popular coder, our trusted experts guide you through coding for a full range of nuclear medicine and PET procedures, as well as radiopharmaceutical coding and charging, while helping you sidestep the pitfalls that can lead to incorrect payment, claim denials and auditor action.

Incredibly simple to use, 2018 Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder walks you step by step through coding by body system: endocrine, hematopoietic, reticuloendothelial lymphatic, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, central nervous, genitourinary and others.

Do you need special help with coding for parathyroid and thyroid imaging? Or assistance with the complexities of coding, charging and billing for hybrid imaging, such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT? You'll find it here!

The 2018 edition of Nuclear Medicine & PET Coder also tackles common problem areas, such as under-reporting radiopharmaceuticals, omitting CPT®® codes for certain procedures and unbundling codes. Our overriding goal is make sure you receive full payment, supporting your ability to deliver the most advanced and effective patient care.

New for 2018

  • New and revised tips, guidance, and payment (RVU/SI) information
  • Expanded guidance on:
    • Whole body vs. limited
    • Modifier 51
    • Y90 imaging
    • Determining appropriate code assignment for shunt imaging
    • Cardiac PET services/RP coverage
    • Coverage for PET/PET-CT

Features and Benefits

  • Step-by-step through coding for a full range of nuclear medicine and PET procedures, including including SPECT, PET, PET/CT, planar imaging, integrated imaging and therapeutic treatments
  • Easy to navigate — codes are grouped by body system (e.g., endocrine) and then by code sequence
  • Covers code assignments by both hospital (technical) and physician (professional) entities
  • Each section includes:
    • Table of drugs and radiopharmaceuticals typically used for nuclear medicine procedures, along with the pertinent HCPCS and revenue codes
    • Definition of each procedure with its corresponding CPT code
    • Coding and billing tips for each code
    • Payment tables based on the 2018 Medicare physician fee schedule (MPFS) and the hospital outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS)
  • Special help with common areas of confusion and noncompliance, such as:
    • Under-reporting radiopharmaceuticals
    • Omitting CPT codes for certain procedures
    • Unbundling codes
    • Billing for the incorrect number of radiopharmaceutical units

CPT® is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

For certain MedLearn Publishing publications, you will see an 'AMA Royalty Fee' in your shopping cart. This charge covers the licensing fee MedLearn Publishing pays to the American Medical Association (AMA) for references to CPT® codes. The AMA owns the copyright for CPT codes.

The final rules for the 2018 Medicare outpatient prospective payment system (OPPS) and the Medicare physician fee schedule (MPFS) dictate the publishing dates for our books. In previous years, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have issued these final rules in early November of the previous year (November 2017), and the updating process for our books begins.

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