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GI/Biliary Interventional Radiology Coding


Covering coding for percutaneous tube placements, revisions, exchanges and other related services, and defining the differences among biliary stenting, dilations and drainages.

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Learn Specific GI/Biliary Procedure Coding.

Clearing up coding for GI/biliary imaging and interventions for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, this webcast provides guidance and instruction for proper application of biliary and gastric procedure codes, with a brief review of hepatic/biliary anatomy, bundled vs. component codes, a review of the 2016 redo of codes for biliary imaging and interventions, and code selection for a range of procedures.

The agenda, covered by our presenter, Jeff Majchrzak includes a review of component coding and interventional radiology coding guidelines, as well as:

  • Percutaneous Biliary Procedures:
    • Digestive System – Biliary Tract
  • Gastric Procedures
    • G-Tube Placement with CT Guidance
    • New Tube Placement Through Existing Tract
    • Naso or Oro-Gastric Tubes
    • G-Tube Change without Imaging Guidance
    • Repositioning of Feeding Tube (By Nose or Mouth)
  • S&I and Surgical Coding Examples
  • Case Examples

Note: Before participating in this session, we recommend that you attend our 2017 Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding webcast, which covers general IR coding essentials.

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