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Hospital Outpatient Infusion Services: 2017 Reimbursement & Compliance Update

Get a preview of this year’s important changes specific to outpatient infusion and injection services, including governmental audits, IV infusions, billing for waste, and more.

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Every year, problems with coding and billing for outpatient infusion and injection services continue to plague hospitals across the country, often resulting in significant overcharges and/or undercharges. By attending this webcast, you’ll be able to apply and utilize the correct coding, billing, payment, and auditing updates for infusion and injection services. Take a sneak peek at an overview of the webcasts agenda:

  • Recent Updates
    • Billing for waste and appending the JW modifier
    • New CPT® code for on-body injectors (OBI)
    • New G-code for prolonged infusion using portable pump
    • Outpatient reimbursement
    • OPPS packaging initiative – comprehensive APC payment policy
    • Unique status indicator for observation c-APC
    • CMS frequently asked questions
  • What the auditors (RACs, MACs, OIG, etc.) will be targeting in 2017, accompanied by tactics to minimize your risks
  • Hydration Therapy — procedures, time increments (including the midnight hour), case examples, local coverage determinations, diagnosis coding, drug administration, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Drug Administration and Chemotherapy — procedure codes, time increments, initial or primary CPT, concurrent vs. sequential infusion, documentation, drug administration, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Coding and Billing Rules — procedure-to-procedure edits (NCCI), medically unlikely edits (MUEs), drug administration, and diagnostic imaging.
  • Case examples and discussion of questions frequently asked by our clients, reinforcing best practices and the prevention of common mistakes.

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