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Pain Management Interventional Radiology Coding


Covering the changes specific to fluoroscopy, ultrasound vs. non-US guided joint injections — documentation and coding essentials, modifiers, CCI requirements and documentation best practices.

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Providing instruction in coding for pain management procedures, this webcast will dive into coding for vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty and sacroplasty, along with updating you on the 2017 code changes specific to fluoroscopy and clarifying points of confusion applicable to coding for pain management procedures.

The agenda, covered by our presenter, Jeff Majchrzak includes a review of component coding and interventional radiology coding guidelines, as well as:

  • Pain Management Procedures — So where do I find the possible Codes?
  • Central Nervous System, Spine and Spinal Cord, Injection, Drainage, or Aspiration — Core Instructions
  • Add-on Fluoroscopy Codes
  • Surgical — 2017 Added Codes
  • Pain Management Procedures:
    • Differences between CMS and CPT
    • Diagnostic Studies
    • CT Imaging
    • 3D Post-Processing
    • Epidural (Steroid Injection (ESI) or Blood Patch)
    • Diskography
    • Lumbar Puncture (Chemotherapy)
    • VP Shunt Study
    • Intrathecal Chemotherapy
    • Neurolytic Injection (Epidural or Subarachnoid, Epidural)
    • Paravertebral Spinal Nerves and Branches (Cervical/Thoracic or Lumbar/Sacral)
    • Paravertebral Facet Joint, Neurolytic Destruction (Cervical/Thoracic or Lumbar/Sacral)
    • Other Types of Neurolytic Destruction Procedures
    • General Information
    • Transforaminal Epidural Injection (Cervical/Thoracic or Lumbar/Sacral)
    • Trigger Point Injection
    • Tendon Sheath Injection / Ligament Injections
    • Ganglion Cyst
    • Joint Injection, Aspiration, Arthrocentesis or US Guided
    • Bone Cyst Aspiration/Injection
    • SI Joint Injection/Aspiration
    • Arthrography
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Kyphoplasty (Vertebral Augmentation)
    • Disc Aspiration or Decompression

Note: Before participating in this session, we recommend that you attend our 2017 Basics of Interventional Radiology Coding webcast, which covers general IR coding essentials.

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