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Radiology ICD-10-CM Coding: Confronting Big Changes and Challenges

Join us for this webcast as prominent radiology coding expert Donna Richmond walks you through the massive changes to ICD-10-CM codes applicable to radiology. From her presentation, you'll gain the knowledge you need to accurately report and receive the full, appropriate payment for radiology services rendered.

Price: $229.00


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Starting October 1, 2016, diagnosis coding for radiology gets exceedingly more complicated, thanks to the arrival of nearly 2,000 new ICD-10-CM codes, as well as hundreds of deleted and revised codes all applicable to radiology. If you want to get fully paid for your services, you won't want to miss this timely webcast. Highlights:

  • A summary of ICD-10-CM code changes applicable to radiology 1,974 new, 311 deleted and 425 revised
  • Which nonspecific diagnosis codes will no longer be accepted by some Medicare payers
  • Guidance with many new ICD-10-CM codes, covering a broad range of conditions commonly encountered in the radiology setting
  • Discussion of changes to ICD-10-CM guidelines, encompassing terminology, bilateral conditions, code assignments for hypertension and more
  • A review of other outpatient and physician diagnosis coding guidelines, plus reminders of basic principles, such as avoiding nonspecific codes that lead to denials
  • Links to resources for additional ICD-10-CM coding assistance
  • Q&A opportunity our presenter will answer as many questions as time permits