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Comprehensive Full Package: $3,760.00
Annual Base Subscription: $995.00

Annual Base Subscription ($995)
Comprehensive Full Package ($3,760)



Your #1 resource for all of your coding, pricing and billing needs...all in one place!

Save both time AND money while maintaining strict regulatory compliance and operational efficiency. With DrugCodeLookUp.com all of the information you need is right at your fingertips in an easy-to-use format: new and revised drug codes, drugs billable under a NOC (not otherwise classified) code, deleted codes with reference to replacement codes, compliance verification with NDC, validation of hospital outpatient billing, pricing information, crosswalks for new ICD-10 codes to HCPCS/CPT® drug codes...and so much more.

But how does it really apply to you? Whether you work in compliance, revenue cycle or day-to-day pharmacy operations, this system was designed with all of you in mind.

  • Compliance: This unique system is ideal for you to ensure coding accuracy & assignment, billing unit calculations and payment rates so you aren't at risk for overpayments or billing errors.
  • Revenue Cycle: DrugCodeLookUp.com positions your department to capture every appropriate dollar of revenue by giving you the tools to make sure you have the correct number of billing units on your claim forms, which guarantees you are getting the correct payments from third-parties. And even better, supports your efforts to generate accurate revenue forecasts!
  • Pharmacists: Cut your time in half trying to track down drug coding, pricing and billing information from multiple sources. Need to match HCPCS codes to the drugs stocked in your formulary? Easy, use the look-up function and match your codes. Simple as that!

This is just a small sampling of the benefits that DrugCodeLookUp.com can provide for you. Don't hesitate, put this tool to use for you today and start experiencing the countless benefits!

Annual Base
Full Package
NDC Crosswalk
Administration Codes
DDC Coding ICD-9-CM FDA Crosswalks
DDC Coding ICD-10-CM FDA Crosswalks
Medicare Resources
DDC Coding ICD-9-CM Compendia
DDC Coding ICD-10-CM Compendia
Min/Max Dosing
NDC Unit Conversion
Part B or Part D
Customizable Maximum Allowable Cost (CMAC®)
Annual Price (Per User)
Multi-User Discount (2-9 Users)*
Multi-User Discount (10+ Users)*

What are your specific challenges? How can DrugCodeLookUp.com help you address them?

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