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Radiology Compliance Manager

Radiology Compliance Manager Newsletter
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A smart investment that will pay dividends all year long

Who has time to surf multiple websites to get current radiology-specific news? With our Radiology Compliance Manager newsletter, you don't have to. We do all the "heavy lifting" for you the monitoring, compiling, analyzing and interpreting. Then we present the very latest radiology compliance, coding, and reimbursement news you need to know into 12 easy-reading monthly issues. Highlights:

  • Reliable, complete and practical monthly radiology compliance, coding and reimbursement updates, presented in a quick-reading, easy-to-understand format
  • Proven insights and interpretation directly from MedLearn Publishing's team of radiology compliance experts
  • Reports on late-breaking news, coupled with thoughtful analysis of new regulatory requirements, medical review policies and CMS mandates
  • Alerts and instructions on how to handle coding and billing issues pertaining to both professional and hospital services
  • Steps for coding and billing the most challenging services and procedures
  • Real-life case studies showing how the rules apply to specific encounters in mammography, angiography, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine and more
  • Practical guidance with national coverage determinations, information systems and audits
  • Q&A section addressing the most common concerns in radiology departments and physician practices